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I live to make life more beautiful!

Námon is a Costa Rican brand inspired by nature, harmony, and a love of exquisite details.


Hello! I'm Dani Herrero, an interior designer, mother, and creator of products that elevate the design and functionality of the spaces around us. My experience in interior design, my passion for details, and the importance of lighting have driven me to take on projects that change how we experience different spaces.


Námon seeks to innovate in the Costa Rican market of hand-woven lamps. Our lamps are 100% made in Costa Rica and use organic fibers and local products. We build structures out of metal coated with specialized paint to withstand early oxidation caused by proximity to the beach. We use sustainable fibers such as organic cotton, hemp, and jute. These natural materials bring a joyful diversity of color, magic, and uniqueness to each product.

Our close-knit, dynamic team is made up of Don Luis, our welder; Valerie, the cabinetmaker; Paula, a great weaver; and myself, the designer and founder.

For us, each lamp represents well-being and a reminder of our connection with the natural world through conscious, efficient, and exclusive design.

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